Associated Company


YONG Group is Bestt Properties’ associate company. Its Office relocated from the small shopping complex where the office had first opened in 1995 to the new Pacific Centre building across the road in 2001. YONG established its Corporate Office in the new building and the Super Office concept that Peter Huang had envisioned was realised.

The Opening Ceremony was held to introduce both the new building and YONG Real Estate’s Corporate Office to the local community. The centre was opened by Kevin Bianchi on behalf of Lord Mayor Jim Soorly, together with Gary Hardgrave, Federal Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Judy Spence, Minister for Family, Craig Emerson, Graham Quirk, and Michael Caltabiano.

Since the building’s completion, the Pacific Centre has won two awards including the QMBA’s Award for Brisbane Region and the Award for Queensland.

When people think of reliable, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective cars, they think of Toyota and it is YONG’s aim that when people think of a hard-working and reliable real estate agent who offers a 100 percent solution, they think of YONG.

YONG Real Estate is a unique international real estate brand with a 100 percent solution.