Company History

  • 4th / July / 2017



  • 11th / Nov / 2016

    JHC Holdings bought another 3.3 Acres development site at 298 Wellington Bundock Dr, KOORALBYN, planning for around 50 retirement village for 50+ independent living.

  • 7th / July / 2015


    JHC Holdings bought the ninth island, one of the only 9 freehold islands in Tasmania amongst the 5000 islands in Tasmania.

  • 2nd / June / 2014


    Yong Real Estate founder brought forward the settlement of the iconic Kooralbyn Resort from the original settlement date of 19 September 2014 and successfully settled on 2 June 2014.
    The resort will be branded as the Ramada Kooralbyn Resort. Ramada is the prestige brand of the Wyndham Hotel Group which is the largest hotel chain in the world with around 7500 hotels in the network including 900 in China. The completion value will be around $1 billion including fully serviced retirement accommodations and .future town centre etc.
    The Kooralbyn Resort was originally built by two Sydney knights, Peter Abels & George Arthurs in 1973 as a private holiday destination for the rich and famous. The resort was sold through Westpac’s subsidiary to a Japenese hotel group in 1988. In 2002, it was subsequently sold to a New Zealand hotel operator, Ray Schofield. The total investment by the previous three owners or its current replacement value is estimated at around $300 million.

    Peter Huang purchased the resort from the receiver for an undisclosed sum due to the confidentiality agreement between the parties. Mr. Huang is aiming to revitalise the Kooralbyn Resort to restore it to its former glory and offer a variety of accommodation options to suit the rich and famous and budget-conscious holidaymakers. He plans to make it the world’s first and only integrated eco-tourism, health and wellness retreat incorporating sky diving, hot air ballooning, gliding, potential charter flights through the resort’s private airport as well as the championship golf course, polo field plus much more. The longest standing richest Australian, Kerry Packer, used to fly his whole polo team from Sydney to play regularly at the Kooralbyn.
    There are many other entertainment areas to be added including sheep shearing, the Garden of Eden incorporating the vineyard, the flower farm, fruit farm, vege farm as well as a native Australian animal experience including Koalas, Kangaroos, Crocodiles and Native Australian birds as well as gold panning plus many other multiple sports centres including beach volleyball, basketball, netball, table tennis, badminton, football, soccer, cricket, yoga, Tai Chi, sport fishing and water activities and more.

    The Kooralbyn Resort also hosts the world-famous Kooralbyn International School which is the only school in Australia to have produced two young Australians of the Year. Cathy Freeman, World No. 1 Golfer Adam Scott and No. 4 Golfer Jason Day as well as Scientist Scott Hocknell all graduated from the Kooralbyn International School.

    Mr. Huang's vision is to make this resort a well known international destination for both domestic and international tourists as well as international students based on his motto of 4-star price and 6-star service. This resort was previously a 5-star resort and was Australia’s first integrated tourism resort.

  • 1st / November / 2013


    JHC Subsidiary has bought the Kooralbyn Resort from the receiver and the contract has gone unconditional from 31 October 2013. The previous 5-star resort sits on 333 hectares of future urban land in the Gold Coast Hinterland boasting a 100 room hotel built by the Japanese in 1991 and 36 lodges built by the original owner Sydney Knights: Sir Peter Abeles and Sir Arthur George in 1973. It also has one of the best golf courses in Australia, a private airport, a polo field, an equestrian field, and an international school. The polo field was the richest Australian Kerry Packer's favorite play ground. World no. 1 Cathy Freeman and world no. 2 Adam Scott as well as Jason Day etc all graduated from the school and it's the only school in Australia that produced 2 Young Australian of the year: Olympian Cathy Freeman and scientist Scott Hocknull.

    The property also has great future development potential including a 423 lot golf frontage subdivision. The resort is one of the only few resorts in Australia enjoying the integrated resort status (ITR) where any foreign person can buy the established home there, instead of having to buy only brand new properties.

  • 1st / May / 2013

    JHC has formally launched its new project - Crystal Place at 36 Ewing Road, Logan Central. It boasts 16 townhomes priced from only $299,000 which is below the bank valuation. 11 out of the 16 townhouses have also obtained NRAS approval so investor will be positively geared from the very beginning.

  • 17th / September / 2012

    JHC Holdings is formally appointed by one of China's largest developers as development manager to start the process for MCU for the property at 2236 Beaudesert Rd, Calamvale, potentially a $35 Million, 90 townhouses projects.

  • 2nd / May / 2011

    JHC Holdings has successfully completed and handed over all 5 projects for the State Government on turn key based.

  • 9th / August / 2010

    JHC Holdings acquired the 10,752 m² Hillcrest retail warehouse property for positively geared incoming producing and future renovation property to further improve its value.

  • 25th / July / 2010

    JHC Holdings acquired another 168 Acres South Ripley property for future small lots land subdividivision and potential shopping centre development.

  • 5th / February / 2010

    JHC Holdings was formally appointed by the QLD State Government to deliver five social housing projects. The projects are located in Redcliffe, Albion, Brassal, Waterford West and Mermaid Beach.