Past Projects


Owner JHC Diane Unit Trust (100% owned by Peter & Diane)
Land Area 797 m²
Zoning Urban
GFL Around 2,551 m²
Proposed Use 8 storey boutique upmarket oceanfront apartment with Level 1-4 with two and three bedroom units on each floor, Level 5-6 full level sub houses and Level 7-8 with 2 storey penthouses. Ocean and city view and walk to the golf course.
Completion Value $17 million


Sold in mid-2008. Even under the greatest recession in the world since 1927 due to America’s sub prime financial crises in 2007/2008 and the massive rising of interest rate and construction cost as well as the serious credit squeeze in Australia during the same period, JHC still managed to sell the project in one line with 58% gross project return or 193% cash to cash return in 6 months!